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Mansun Song
Name Anti Everything
Album Six
EP Seven EP - Closed for Business (4)
Demo Mansun: The Demo Tapes Volume 2 (33)
Track length 2:25
Writer/composer Paul Draper
Producer Paul Draper
Mixed by Clif Norrell
Published by Universal

Release information

Song Credits

Paul Draper - Vocals, Guitars, Piano, Synthesizer
Dominic Chad - Lead Guitar
Stove - Bass
Andie Rathbone - Drums
Strings arranged by Stefan Girardet
Mixed by Clif Norrell
Recorded by Mike Hunter, Ian Caple and Ronnie Stone
Produced by Paul Draper
Written by Paul Draper and published by Universal Publishing Ltd.

'Anti Everything' is a Mansun song that was featured on the second album, Six.

Liner Notes

"About some grief I got off a homeless person late one night. I got the idea after wandering round London late one night which I often do if I'm trying to come up with a lyric or whatever, this particular time from The City up to Trafalgar Square via The Strand. I'd gone to have a close up look at the Lloyds Building in The City one night then I wandered from The City back to the West End up Fleet Street and The Strand. I got the title from a bit of abuse I got from a homeless dude in a cardboard box in a shop doorway. He must have been on something, Mescalin probably (it fitted in with the track better than singing 'Tennants Super').

Firstly we put the drums down, which Andie recorded with no other music. Then I played the choppy guitar metronomically and a quiet rhythm under it in the verse, the chug guitars under the tag at the end of the choruses and also added acoustic guitars and the big bend guitar on the verse. I programmed a bit of Linn 1 drum machine thru an analogue delay at the end of the verse going into the chorus. Next I recorded the bass thru a giant chain of effects till it was unrecognisable as a bass, and had to take all the bass end out of it to make it work and not sound like a fart, then put it thru a mutronics mutator.

I added a rhodes piano sporadically round the track which first comes in at 0.15, which I'd bought and kept in my kitchen to put cups on, then had a removal firm take it to London to put cups on in my attic but finally found a use for it on this track, in some places I fed it thru the bel flanger so it went all out of tune. I recorded random snare hits thru a short analogue delay throughout the track using my internal rondomometer to get the cool snares to fire thru the delay, the ones that poked thru the music, leaving the others dry. After that I recorded vocals and backing vocals, there's some varisped vocal for the counter melody on the chorus, doubletracked. Chad overdubbed the guitar on the intro and a guitar solo, which I put thru an old BEL rack flanger and flanged it. At 0.41 a bit of the time code from the analogue tape can be heard briefly at 0.40, I kept that in and made it really loud. There's various blips and bloops which I moved around and bits of vocal taped in strategic areas for dynamics, leading in and out of sections and stuff. Chad and I worked out a chorus guitar part, varisped up with me on the whammy bar, Chad playing it. All the guitar parts come in on the last chorus. I recorded the last second of the track into pro tools and slowed the audio to make the slowdown link into 'Fall Out', then recorded it back to tape. I did the same with the start of 'Fall Out' so it was seamless. We overdubbed some claves but I can't remember who recorded them and it was done. Quite bitty, like a jigsaw of lots of little parts."

Paul Draper, Six 10th Anniversary Blog

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