Gig:Barrowlands, Glasgow, 3rd October 1998

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Mansun were supported by Gay Dad and Kasino (listed as 'Casino') at this gig.

The setlist was:

  1. Negative
  2. Being A Girl
  3. Stripper Vicar
  4. Everyone Must Win
  5. Special / Blown It (delete as appropriate)
  6. Shotgun
  7. Wide Open Space
  8. Television
  9. Mansun's Only Love Song
  10. Six
  11. She Makes My Nose Bleed
  12. Taxloss
  13. The Chad Who Loved Me
  14. Drastic Sturgeon
  15. Legacy
  16. Take It Easy Chicken


The gig was reviewed by Iain Davidson in the Monday 5 October 1998 of The Glasgow Herald

"THERE is a man in front of me dancing a dance I thought had died. He is flailing his arms in a sick parody of Adam Ant practicing Kung Fu. It is a dance the like of which has not been seen the heady days of The Cult and The Mission. On stage, Mansun are also strangely familiar.

Reminiscent of the glory days of eighties pop rock. I can't help wondering if anyone else can hear Tears for Fears behind that overdriven guitar. Yet Mansun have more to offer than grunged retro pop. Their high melodies and falsetto backing may smack of the gothic but the music is powerful. The overwhelming punch of their live sound comes as the biggest shock of the evening. Who would have thought one of Top of the Pops's favourites would carry such a large baseball bat in the boot of their popmobile. Mansun are also devotees of complexity. Their numerous changes in tempo and rhythm are surprising yet warm and each song is presented as a celebration of opposition. They are slow but fast, harsh but melodic, enthusiastic but sad, yet no-one watching is ever left confused. The guitar is played with an obvious enjoyment and is backed by clear and precise rhythms. Mansun are accomplished, exciting and long may they continued. As for the guy in front of me, he's now standing, I'll repeat that, standing on his mate's shoulders. Now that is something I've never seen before."