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MansunWiki Help pages

  1. Introduction
  2. Guidelines
  3. Gigs
  4. Discography
  5. Referencing
  6. Templates

Be Factual

Include facts, nothing but the facts. Please don't add personal opinion to news, facts or stories. On some pages there will be headings such as rumours. Add them by all means but keep fact, fiction and rumours/gossip separate. Always try to add sources to back up theories/rumours.

Provide Sources and Cite them

Including but not limited to: Magazine Articles, Press releases, Tour Flyers, Promotional Info, Photos, Newspaper articles, Ticket Stubs, Radio&TV interviews and performances.

Adding new items to MansunWiki

Q: How do I add pages?
A: You can create new pages or items in MansunWiki just by searching for the full item in the search panel, or by editing an existing page and creating a link to a new page/item.

Q: Can you provide an example?
A: So if you wanted to add a new page of for example a support act called Sleeper then do a search for 'Sleeper' to see if a dedicated page exists for that exact name. If no results are found then you have the opportunity to create that new page by clicking on the RED Text Link

Editing Pages

Uploading Content

When uploading content please use a format similar to below, using:

  • upper-case characters for the start of words in the filename + the Date in DD MM YYYY Format.
  • lower-case file extension name
  • Do not use spaces in file names


Article/source name PLUS the date of publication/gig/scan/date photo taken

An article on Mansun, scanned in the JPEG format, published in the NME on the 15th July 1997 Would ideally be uploaded as:


Look for other similar images to see how they are named, for instance Instagram photos begin with the Name of the poster, the date and a character at the end.

Audio & Video

  • Please do not upload copyrighted Audio or Video to this portal. If in doubt contact one of the Wiki Team for help.

Upload the file name in the format of:



Adding Interviews to the Interview Tables

View an existing Interview page for a template on how to create a page with the formatting and layout. Wikify the text for linkage to other Wiki pages - careful not to over wikify multiple text to the same page - often called Overwikification. Create the new page under the Interview: Namespace.

In the Interviews section create a new row in the appropriate era, fill out the following information in the InterviewList template:

{{InterviewsList | [[Interview:Page Name|Interview Display Name]] | Full Date where possible (DD-MM-YYYY) | source magazine, publisher or domain name | [[insert interviewee]] }}

Article/Interviewer Date Source Interviewed
BBC Radio Nottingham's Nigel Bell Interviews Paul Draper 2004 BBC Radio Nottingham Paul Draper


Q: What are they?
A: They are a feature enabled by default will notify you if any pages you have created (or pages where you clicked on the option to watch) have been changed.

You also can click on the top right on your screen and select Watchlist and your watched pages will appear.

You have the ability to disable them globally or on a page by page basis.


We endeavour to be as accurate as possible. There are other features which will be implemented soon such as the ability to scroll backwards and forwards through the gigs. It is key to keep on top of new pages and to watch out for broken link'ed pages.

Please use the following format for adding gig pages:

"Venue, Town/City, dd month year (gig)"

so for example:

"King Tut's, Glasgow, 18th February 1996 (gig)"

Where possible upload any images of the venue, setlists, gig tickets or flyers, you can include these on the gig pages.

Please add or edit the Gig Info template, and the gig navigation panels.. these allow for a more pleasing experience navigating through the gigs.

As of the 12th October 2015 the 1995 gig sections have the Gig Info and Gig Navigation panels established.. Gig Info boxes will always have the opportunity to add more items in them.

Email In MansunWiki

We encourage you to register with your email address.
This will allow you to use more features like the ability to be notified when a page you have on your WATCHLIST has been edited.

Your E-mail address is not visible to others.

You can add/edit your email address after you have created your MansunWiki account. You also have the option to confirm your email address, the benefit being you will be entitled to edit pages without the annoying captchyas/gotchyas security checks before you can save an EDITed page.

Note: You also have the option to disable others from being able to email you, so you need not worry about receiving mails from other MansunWiki users.