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New Work In Progress Track Titles (2008-03-6). Paul Draper.net Forums. Retrieved 2011-11-01 from pauldraper.net.

Forum Post

Im really sorry about dissapearing into a scott walker styley hole, what ive been up to! I took a break from my project after i realized to do what i wanted to do, i.e. do it all myself without a band as such id have to re-equip my studio "draposound" and ive done some production work to road test it. I did some stuff with catherine anne davies, check her site or myspace and shes got a track called unravel we worked on. Wayne Riches and Dexy made up a rhythm section putting some backing tracks down for my 'project' and ive been writing some stuff outside of the studio but im not sure what will see the light of day at present. Songtitles ive been working on but will probably change are -

  • Can u ever trust another,
  • feel like i wanna stay,
  • friend,
  • sex with strangers,
  • cant get fairer than that,
  • Annie,
  • being a girl part 3,
  • sociopath,
  • wont get hurt by a woman again,
  • borderline nymphomaniac,
  • life turns on inconsiquential moments,
  • synth pop hero,
  • monkeys on a rock,
  • say what everyone else thinks and theyll say y fuckin mad,
  • cancer pt II.

My homepage / website will be updated in the next week or so and ill do my blog in the next few weeks Myspace page will be updated followed by a free mp3 download and some in the studio footage of me recording the project weve been collating, and some other stuff going on so hope thats ok Also im gonna try and do a q and a, probably on the official messageboard, i think, so a date will follow for that in the coming weeks on the new news page on my official homepage....hope thats cool, thanks for sticking around, Ill put loads more info of what im upto in the blog in the next couple of weeks...... peace drapes x