Thief (Song)

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Liner Notes:

"About a thieving git who kept trying to steal things off me. What a Moronica! The drums were played by Carl Hibbert, who recorded all of this first EP. I really liked this song, but I kept writing songs in the same key (A, I think), and by the time the end of the chorus came the vocal was so high I nearly snapped my larynx hitting it. This is where the falsetto developed, purely because I hadn't discovered capos. The hidden extra bit at the end of the EP was me messing around doing a bluesy acoustic guitar solo for some reason, which has escaped me in the mists of time."

Paul Draper, Attack of the Grey Lantern 3CD Collectors Edition

Alternative Versions

The alternative version of 'Thief' features as the 2nd hidden track on CD3 of Kleptomania.