Cry 2 My Face (Song)

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Mansun Song
Name Cry 2 My Face
Album Kleptomania
Track length 4:10
Writer/composer Paul Draper
Producer Richard Rainey and Paul Draper
Mixed by Mike Hunter and Paul Draper
Published by Universal Music Publishing Ltd

Liner Notes

Lquote.png This was the last song recorded for the album. It was never finished and this rough version is the only copy that exists. Rquote.png
Paul Draper Kleptomania


Cry 2 My Face

It's the final straw, here's my notice that I quit Though I'm not quite sure, but I'll take this leap of faith It's not a waste of time if you enjoy the time you waste So a wise man said, though it seemed like yesterday

I feel like I'm almost overcome, once again More or less I feel like I've always known much Sooner than later

You can cry 2 my face And I'll know what you want me to do You can cry 2 my face All the world will be hidden from view You can cry 2 my face No harm gets through

Such a smoky day, even saints have to wait Though I'm not quite sure, as I found out today Do you feel life like it's always on the line But it feels so good, and it's like this every day!

Lyrics by:Paul Draper