Egg Shaped Fred (Song)

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Mansun Song
Name Egg Shaped Fred
EP One EP - Egg Shaped Fred (4)
Track length
  • 3:53 (Album version), 5:12 (Demo) »
  • 2:53 (Acoustic demo)
Writer/composer Paul Draper
Producer Paul Draper
Mixed by Clif Norrell

Liner Notes

Lquote.png 'I am the Eggman' by John Lennon was my lyrical inspiration for this record, and sparked off the song. In fact, I never said it in the press, but Lennon (and Prince) were my inspirations for most of this record. Dom Chad did the intro riff, I played everything else. The video was partially shot in my grey house in Chester. Rquote.png
Paul Draper Attack of the Grey Lantern 3CD Collectors Edition

Alternative Versions

An alternate version of 'Egg Shaped Fred' was released on the Attack of the Grey Lantern 3CD Collectors Edition. In the liner notes Paul Draper has this to say about the track:

"This was an earlier version of this track mixed at Parr Street in Liverpool with Carl Hibbert (our original drummer) drumming on it. Hib' was on the first couple of EPs before Andy took over the stool. It was later remixed by Cliff Nourell for the album version."