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[[Category:Paul Draper]]
[[Category:Paul Draper]]
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[[Category:Spooky Action]]

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Paul Draper Song
Name Feeling My Heart Run Slow
Album Spooky Action at a Distance (?)
Demo Paul Draper demos
Writer/composer Paul Draper
Recorded Sofa Sound Studios, Paul Draper in 2002/3 2013/2014, 2015
Producer Paul Draper
Mixed by Paul Draper

working title first penned


Audience recording



Feeling My Heart Run Slow was initially recorded at Hugh Padgham's now defunct Sofa Sound studios in London in early 2015. Studio personnel for the three day stint were Paul Draper (guitar and vocals), Ben Stack (bass), Jon Barnett (drums), Ben Sink (assistant engineer), Scott Knapper (engineer) and Suzi Meredith (filming and photographing the session for future releases).

The main reason for the session was to get the live drum track down so Paul could then continue to work on the track in his production room at Sofa Sound, The Kitchen. Although all other instruments were re-recorded at a later date, certain elements such as the twangy guitar effects that Paul played while messing around during the session remained in the final version of the song.

Feeling My Heart Run Slow was chosen by Paul to be played exclusively at the 2014 Mansun convention that was held in Chester on 23rd August. The track has since undergone a large transformation compared to the original version that was heard at the convention.



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