Gibson ES-335 Black (Crossbones)

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Gibson-ES 335 Crossbones
Chad's Bigsby Guitar phototaken at Mansun Convention 2014
Chad's Bigsby Guitar photo
taken at Mansun Convention 2014
Manufacturer Gibson
Period 1961–present
Body Type Semi-hollow
Neck Joint Set neck
Scale 24.75 in (629 mm)
Woodbody Maple (plywood)
with maple centre block
Woodneck Mahogany
Fretboard Rosewood
Bridge Tune-O-Matic with stopbar
Pickups 2 Humbuckers; 2 P-90s
Colours and Styling
Styling Black, custom Crossbones vinyl stickering, Gibson vintage Tremolo.


The black (ebony) Crossbones ES335 can first be seen in the Egg Shaped Fred promo video unmodified with the original tailpiece. This guitar was also fitted with a vintage Gibson produced tremolo unit. It was later customised between the release of Stripper Vicar and Wide Open Space with the infamous crossbones. It became the favoured live guitar.


My main guitar's a black Gibson ES335," offers Chad. "With a Gibson tremolo. I've got a red one for backup and live

Dominic Chad


Live Performances

The guitar was last used live in 1997 being replaced by Chad's original cherry red 335. In 2002 Chad was asked if he had still got the black Gibson with the skull(?) and crossbones on it...

Lquote.png No, I snapped the neck too many times, unfortunately. Rquote.png
Dominic Chad

In the Studio


The guitar was sold by Back Alley Music in Chester.

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