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Les Paul Gibson
Paul performing with his iconic dual tone guitar
Paul performing with his iconic dual tone guitar
Manufacturer Gibson
Period 1952–1960
1961–1963 (in SG form)
Body Type Solid, hollow, semi-hollow
Neck Joint Set
Scale 24.75"
Woodbody Mahogany with a maple top
Woodneck Mahogany
Fretboard Rosewood
Bridge Tune-O-Matic
Pickups Usually 2 humbuckers
Colours and Styling
Styling Red and Black, Black


Red and Black/AOTGL Roses

Paul's Les Paul Gibson started off with the Red/Black dual colour body that any Mansun fan will recognise, before the album Attack of the Grey Lantern was due to be released both him and fellow Guitarist Dominic Chad had both of their guitars covered in huge Purple rose styled stickers covering the guitar bodies entirely.

Following on from when the guitar was sold the new owner, a fan of Mansun decided to revive the original guitar body and removed the sticker, which was signed by Paul Draper but looking tatty.

In 2015 during one of the Spooky Action recording sessions the new owner (Stuart) of Paul's Red/Black Les Paul Gibson brought it along and Paul Draper was reunited with his old guitar which was used to tour with the band solidly. According to Frank Hiis' blog here (who was also invited to attend the final Spooky Action recording session) it is mentioned that Paul wanted to use his old guitar to record on one of his new songs from Spooky Action.

In late 2019 Paul's red and black Gibson was sold on to new owner and Mansun collector Steve .

Black Standard

Paul tended to use the black Les Paul Gibson over his red and black counterpart in the later years of Mansun Tours


In 2015 Paul Draper commissioned independent guitar luthier Paul of Rhoney Guitars to build him an Oceana Duo-Tone guitar with the same red and black styling that his Les Paul has, and intends to use this guitar to tour his forthcoming album Spooky Action with.

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