Harris (Song)

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Mansun Song
Name Harris
Album Kleptomania
Track length 3:25
Writer/composer Paul Draper
Producer Richard Rainey and Paul Draper
Mixed by Mike Hunter and Paul Draper
Published by Universal Music Publishing Ltd

Liner Notes

Lquote.png I wrote this song about how people are blinded by nationalism. Harris refers to bomber Harris. Chad and I recorded the vocals and guitar live at Rockfield studios and later overdubbed the backing vocals and bass. Rquote.png
Paul Draper Kleptomania



On my estate was a man with a flag in his yard And the country deluded him, he toed the establishment line Like a statue, Harris smiled Stood and smile Harris smiled

Harris smiled Harris stares The world goes by He stood and died Harris smiles Harris died

Lancaster bombers are rusting in sheds in our land While in Parliament square there's a man, a statue in bronze And the statue Harris stared Stood and stared Harris stares Harris stares

Counts himself lucky he's English and says it with pride As he stares at the taxis and buses, fumes are inside his prison Where he'll sit for eternity trapped as a bigoted man

Lyrics by:Paul Draper