Rebel Without a Quilt (Song)

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Mansun Song
Name Rebel Without a Quilt
Album Attack of the Grey Lantern (3CD Collectors Edition)
Track length 4:09 (EP), 4:09 (3CD AOTLG Collectors Edition)
Writer/composer Paul Draper
Recorded Nick Griffiths
Producer Paul Draper
Mixed by Nick Griffiths
Published by Parlophone

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Liner Notes

Lquote.png "I had no quilt at the time, and my sister commented what [a] rebel I was sleeping without one on a cold night. So as a joke, that became a title, and the song flowed from that. As I'm writing this, I'm realising that I wrote about some really weird stuff, but I didn't want to write any love songs as such." Rquote.png
Paul Draper Attack of the Grey Lantern 3CD Collectors Edition

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