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Rhoney Guitars are an American guitar manufacturer based in Sacramento, California, USA.

In October 2015 is emerged via social media that Paul Draper has asked Rhoney guitars to create a custom guitar which pays homeage to Paul's old Les Paul dual-tone Black and Red Gibson. It's not known what build specification was sent to Paul Rhoney.

Building Paul's Guitar

On the 1st October 2015 Paul Rhoney announced on Instagram that he was building a Oceana Duo-Tone guitar for Paul Draper.

Lquote.png I've been a huge fan of @mansunofficial for many years, so imagine how happy I am to be making this Oceana DuoTone for @pauldraper1970. It's ready for paint now and I'm doing it in half red/half black as a tribute to the Les Paul he played back in the day. #Mansun #SpookyAction Rquote.png
—Paul Rhoney via Rhoney Guitars on Instagram

Paul also made a post on the Mansun's Only Love Song facebook group with more information, stating that he intends for Paul's guitar to be completed by December 2015.

Lquote.png Today I'm doing the final sanding and masking on Paul's new guitar. It'll have to get sealed, grain filled, and leveled before I can put the half red half black color on the top. But I should still be on schedule for finishing it up by December. Rquote.png
—Paul Rhoney Mansun's Only Love Song fb group

To further quote the build spec..

Lquote.png the rout behind the bridge is for a Mastery vibrato. Pickups will be Roadhouse Pickups Vista-Tones. Rquote.png
—Paul Rhoney

Roadhouse Pickups supply the Vista-Tones pickups in Chrome and Gold finish, it is entirely possible Paul has chosen Gold Pickups to emulate his old guitar.



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