Slipping Away (Song)

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Mansun Song
Name Slipping Away
Album Kleptomania
Track length 4:51
Writer/composer Paul Draper
Producer Richard Rainey and Paul Draper
Mixed by Paul Draper
Published by Universal Music Publishing Ltd

Liner Notes

Lquote.png This was recorded at Jacob's studio in Surrey. This is an early version of the song before new guitars were added, but the only mix we have available in a listenable form. Rquote.png
Paul Draper Kleptomania


Slipping Away

No, no, no, this isn't happening So I drink myself into a state Wherever you bring love, you bring conditions And so I drink to make you go away

My fear is slipping away from me My lazy feeling filling my skin My doubts are slipping away from me My conscience keeps on saying move on Move on, move on Come on baby, move on

My bones have broke and left me shattered And my thoughts keep going off the rails Wherever you brought love, you brought restrictions And so I drink to make you go away

Lyrics by:Paul Draper