Taxloss (Song)

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Liner Notes:

"This was a real hard one to record, and I didn't get round to recording the chorus vocal 'til the mixing session on the day we finished the track. This was the most complicated track on the album to record, especially getting the real drums to run into the electronic house drums at the end". It was like a big jigsaw puzzle. As usual, I mapped out the song on paper and layered bass guitars and keyboards on top, Dom Chad added a lead line and bv's, and the whole thing came together, eventually. Lyrically this was a dig at money being thrown at band after band at the time, but with a twisted version of the old Jimmy Osmond lyric 'Long Haired Lover From Liverpool'. So in summary, an Osmonds house cut."

Paul Draper, Attack of the Grey Lantern 3CD Collectors Edition