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This template is used to generate the banners used on the MansunWiki, News and Spooky Action pages.


|quote=Welcome to MansunWiki, your home to all resources Mansun.  Check out our gigs, band gear and discography sections


  • direction - determines which side of the banner the text should be aligned. Valid values are "left" or "right".
  • width - (optional) allows the CSS width property to be overridden if, for example, the banner has a long title. Sample values should be of the form "45%".
  • title - Page title for the banner image.
  • section - Sub-section for the banner.
  • section-link - Link subject for the sub-section.
  • image - The banner image, without the File: prefix. Example: "Banner1.jpg".
  • quote - 1-2 sentences of text to appear below the banner sub-section, linking back to the Wiki Page referenced in the title.