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Posted on the MOLS facebook group Tuesday 12th January 2016

Image posted by Paul Draper
Lquote.png He gave me one of his cigarettes while while we were chatting pre gig on tour, should have kept it. My brief experience of David was that he was a really nice person, so down to earth it really took you back because of the commitment he gave his performances, he simply turned it on when he walked out on stage, stunning stagecraft like all the greats. To achieve what he did with so many classic songs, tracks and albums is virtually impossible whist navigating the pitfalls of the industry, it took its toll on him. I played Lazarus as soon as I heard he died and cried. Blackstar will be up there with his best albums, it's so obvious when you listen now. I can't ever imagine there being any solo artist impact the culture so deeply ever again. Splendidly well done David Jones, you truly became one of the greatest there will ever be Rquote.png
Paul Draper Mansun's Only Love Song Facebook Group Post