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Fender Telecaster
Paul performing with his iconic dual tone guitar
Paul performing with his iconic dual tone guitar
Manufacturer Fender
Period 1950–present
Body Type Solid
Neck Joint Bolt-on
Scale 25.55"
Woodbody Mahogany with a maple top
Woodneck Maple
Fretboard Maple; Rosewood
Bridge Proprietary "Ashtray" or modern style with string through or top load strings
Pickups Traditionally two single-coils

Combinations with 1 to 3 pickups, including humbuckers have been produced

Colours and Styling
Styling 2 or 3-color sunbursts

Shades of blonde (translucent earth tones) Many others.



Paul has used various colours and customisations of Fender Telecasters both during and post Mansun, and has had some of his Telecasters resprayed.

Known lists of colours/Styles of Fender Telecasters:

  • Black
  • Light/Pelham Blue

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