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Paul Draper solo career
Legacy: The Best of Mansun era
Kleptomania era
Little Kix era
Six era
Attack of the Grey Lantern era

Paul Draper (Post Mansun) - 2006 - 2015

"Interviews listed by Era"

Article/Interviewer Date Source Interviewed
Q Magazine Guest Columnist - Why are 'lost' albums lost? 6th August 2015 Paul Draper
Paul Draper talks Mansun, The Anchoress and the future 9th December 2013 Paul Draper
Interview - Mansun 1st March 2009 Paul Draper
Interview with British singer/songwriter Paul Draper (Mansun) 2009 Paul Draper
Exclusive Paul Draper Q&A 2006 & 2007 / Paul Draper
Comeback corner feature with Paul Draper December 2006 Uncut Magazine Paul Draper

Legacy: The Best of Mansun - 2006

Article/Interviewer Date Source Interviewed
Paul Draper talks exclusively to The Downloader... 3rd March 2006 Paul Draper

Kleptomania - 2002 – 2004

Article/Interviewer Date Source Interviewed
BBC Radio Nottingham's Nigel Bell Interviews Paul Draper 2004 BBC Radio Nottingham Paul Draper

Little Kix - 2000 - 2001

Article/Interviewer Date Source Interviewed
Exclusive! Mansun put the boot into mainstream 26th July 2000 Melody Maker Paul Draper, Dominic Chad, Stove King, Andie Rathbone

Six - 1997 – 2000

Article/Interviewer Date Source Interviewed
We know we're fucking MAD... 23rd January 1999 Melody Maker Paul Draper, Dominic Chad
Andie Rathbone Interview January 1998 Rhythm Magazine Andie Rathbone
Dominic Chad ...It's Guitar Madness September 1998 The Guitar Magazine Dominic Chad, Paul Draper

Attack of the Grey Lantern - 1996 – 1997

Article/Interviewer Date Source Interviewed
Dominic Chad Interview December 1997 Total Guitar Dominic Chad