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Please see the sub sections on how to add pages and content for certain types of MansunWiki pages.

People Pages

To add a new people page see the page on Paul Draper, edit (dont make changes) and you can view how the page is constructed. Use the Musician information box and same sections in your new page.

Guitars and Instruments

To add new pages dedicated to instruments, see one of Chads guitars Gibson ES-335 (Chad: Cherry Red) for example, edit the page to view the text and code so you can apply the same layout to your new page.

Songs and Songbox info panels

See the following page- Dark Mavis (Song) for examples on how to lay out a page for a song, and for how to use a songbox. There are also values which expand when you 'mouseover' that section, v useful to see the code behind this to render a useful info panel. You do not need to add categories to the bottom of the page as the songbox info panel when filled in accordingly will automatically add the relevant categories.

See the page Help:Templates/Songbox for help on what other values you can add


There is now a discography info box and navigation panel which can be used for Albums, EPs, Singles and Demos. See Attack of the Grey Lantern (Album) for an example of how the album information is displayed and how there is an Album navigator.

EPs, Singles and Demos all need working on.

small Images are required for all singles linked.

Gig Sections

New gig information and gig navigation boxes have been added - see Gig:The Lomax, Liverpool, 17th August 1995 to see how the pages are built. the gigs in 1995 and 1996 have info and are linked, the other gazillion pages that follow afterwards need editing to make all the gigs flow.

  • Colors to be changed & info navigation box styling - easy to do: one change with CSS template styling

Help:Templates/Gigbox - adjust template to remove Support acts if the band were a support act themselves i.e. supported

more gig sources:

  • Done
    • New Namespace for Gigs
    • All gig pages are 'moved' from the default MAIN namespace to the GIGS namespace
Tour Pages

Discussed with Jules, there will be dedicated tour pages, where dedicate tour information, tour galleries or tour merch / gig pics will be added - this is a work in progress but not essential for site go live

Interview Section
  • For interviews off of web - copy the url, save the webpage so you can extract the images and text to use in the wiki article
  • For interviews in magazines/newspapers etc - scan in article pages and copy in pictures to .jpg format using a scanner. or alternatively type up the text.

1. Upload the images/scans - please dont save file names with spaces.. ideally images in jpg format. 2. Create an interview page, see Interview:Andie Rathbone Rhythm Magazine January 1998 as a template example to base your new page on. Use the interview template at the top of the page, use the category tags at the bottom of the page. 3. Update the relevant era in the main Interview page Interview Archive linking the new interview article with citation info and who was interviewed.

  • Done
    • New namespace for Interview pages
    • Existing Interviews have been moved from the default MAIN namespace over to the INTERVIEW namespace
Mansun On This Day

There will be a section on the main page which will show Mansun events which happened on this day in different years.

There is a dedicated page per day which will need to have anniversary dates added, like when AOTGL was released etc. LOADS of scope to add things here.

  • This page will be only accessible to MansunWiki team members to edit when site goes live to prevent misuse*
  • Done
    • Added template to navigate the days - MansunWiki:On this day -, pages categorised accordingly with missing info where appropriate
    • Added all 366 days, 131 days missing any Mansun date related info

There will also be on the main page a section which shows random facts about Mansun.. so anything goes here from trivia about the band, band members, touring, gigs, live, funny stories.. snippets can go here MansunWiki:MansunFacts

Edit the page to view all the existing choices

  • This page will be only accessible to MansunWiki team members to edit when site goes live to prevent misuse*

To do:


Any Questions

Please get in touch and write a line below leaving your name and contact info by adding ~~~~ followed by your question

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