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After Mansun split in May 2003 fans got together and felt strongly enough to do an online petition asking the label to release the 4th album, 3,446 people signed the petition. Below is the petition from the archived version of http://www.petitiononline.com/mansun/ submitted by Suzi from the Mansunite fansite:


To: Parlophone Records / EMI

We are a collective of Mansun fans that are petitioning for the release of Mansun's fourth studio album. The band announced their demise on 2nd May 2003 even though they had completed the majority, if not all of the 4th album's material. With the blessing of the band, we would like to have these recordings in one form or another; preferably compact disc or even downloadable in the form of MP3 files. We have waited the best part of three years to hear this material, and have dilligently stuck by the band with the promise of a new album in Summer 2003. When the band toured the new material in May 2002, the fans reaction was very positive and we believe that the release of the finished material would sell well and would allow Mansun's career to go out on a high.


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