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Ben Stack
Background information
Birth name Ben Stack
Also known as Stax
Born tba
Musician information
Genre(s) Rock, Alternative, Britpop, Funk
Occupation(s) Copywriter, bassist for The Anchoress/Paul Draper
Instrument(s) Bass Guitar
Years active 2014 (2014)–Present
Associated acts Sweetheart Contract, The Anchoress, Spooky Action Band
The Anchoress Web site

Ben Stax is the bassist in the band Sweetheart Contract, who worked on the Confessions of a Romance Novelist album by The Anchoress a.k.a Catherine Anne Davies and has been working on Paul Draper's album Spooky Action At a Distance.


Working on 'The Anchoress' Project

Ben worked with Paul and Catherine on their album projects at the same time.


Ben spoke to MansunWiki and explained how he come to work on Catherines track Popular as posted on MansunWiki's facebook page[1]

Lquote.png After demoing a couple of tracks in Paul’s studio, “Popular” was one of the first to be recorded in earnest. It’s a song that Catherine has had for a while, which meant she had a clear direction of what was required and how we should approach the session.

Shortly afterwards, I remember Paul coming to a gig I was playing in Hoxton with a band called Sweetheart Contract. In fact, it was through Dexy, Sweetheart Contract’s lead singer, that I first met Paul and subsequently Catherine. So it was quite fitting that it was sat in Paul’s car outside the venue before we went on stage that I got to hear the first rough mix of “Popular”. A false intro, trashy drums, angular guitars, layers of vocals, false endings, a Beatles-esque reprise, accessible but not trivial, frivolous but not flippant…all without sounding over-produced or over-complicated.

I always knew The Anchoress would be great, but that was the first moment I had an inkling of just how special it would be. And from the look in Paul’s eye, I could see he was convinced too.

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