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Four EP Vinyl
Mansun EP
Name Four EP - Wide Open Space
  • 2 Ltd Edition 7" White Vinyl (UK) »
  • 4 (CD) 1
  • 4 (CD) 2
  • 2 12" Promo Vinyl
Track length
  • 4:32 (Radio/Album version) »
  • 7:16 (Perfecto Mix)
  • 8:49 (Trouser Enthusiasts Hermaphrodite Mix)
Recorded 1996 at Parr Street Studios
Writer/composer Paul Draper
Producer Paul Draper, Mark 'Spike' Stent, Ian Caple
Engineer Nick Griffiths
Publisher Parlophone
Format(s) CD, Vinyl
Catalogue №
  • CDR 6453, 7243 8 83495 2 9 (CD 1) UK »
  • CDRDJ 6453 (Promo CD) UK
  • R6453, 7243 8 83495 7 4 (7" Vinyl) UK
  • 7243 8 83693 2 9 (CD Single)UK
  • 8836932 (CD Single) Australia
  • ESK 9928 (CD Single) USA
Release date 25th November 1996
Chart position 15
EP Chronology
Three EP - Stripper Vicar
Four EP - Wide Open Space
Five EP - She Makes My Nose Bleed

"Wide Open Space" was not the group's most successful single in terms of sales or UK chart position – reaching number 15 in the UK Singles Chart – but it propelled the group's career and is their most well known song. It was also the only single that gained significant exposure in the US, and reached number 25 on the Billboard Modern Rock Tracks chart in 1997. Paul Draper later wrote that he was the sole writer and performer of the song. In the liner notes of Legacy: Best Of, Draper explained having recorded the entire song sans the vocals six months before he wrote the lyrics.

Two promo videos were filmed to promote the single. The first was directed by Paul Cunningham and featured the band playing in a small dilapidated room while Martino Lazzeri (Joe Williams from BBC's Grange Hill) walks around a city alienated and paranoid amidst vampiresque overtones. A second, simpler video was recorded for the US market, directed by Nigel Dick.

"Wide Open Space" became a dance anthem after being remixed by DJ and producer Paul Oakenfold (under the production alias Perfecto). This remix was included on Oakenfold's compilation Resident: Two Years of Oakenfold at Cream, as an indicator of being one of the most played songs at major UK nightclub Cream, as well as in nightclubs around the world, over the 1997–1999 period.



Limited edition 7" White vinyl

A. "Wide Open Space" (4:32)

B. "Rebel Without A Quilt" (4:09)


1. "Wide Open Space" (4:32)

2. "Rebel Without A Quilt" (4:09)

3. "Vision Impaired" (2:39)

4. "Skin Up Pin Up" (3:40)


1. "Wide Open Space" (4:32)

2. "The Gods Of Not Very Much" (4:39)

3. "Moronica (Acoustic)" (3:14)

4. "Lemonade Secret Drinker (Acoustic)" (2:37)


"Vision Impaired" began life as a demo for Draper's previous group; Grind. The Glam infused track was initially called "I Lust You". It was an electronic composition with a heavy synth bass. The lyrics are mostly unchanged, apart from the chorus which emphasises the refrain 'I Lust You'.

"Skin Up Pin Up" was the group's first single for a proper label. It was originally released as a double 'A' side with "Flourella". The latter song was rerecorded for the "She Makes My Nose Bleed" single release. The version of "Skin Up Pin Up" is unchanged. A remixed version was created for the film Spawn: The Soundtrack. The remix was produced by 808 State.

"Moronica" and "Lemonade Secret Drinker" appeared on CD2 as acoustic versions, and had previously appeared on the Group's first two EPs (One EP and Two EP).

A completely different version credited to longtime engineer Mike Hunter was included as a hidden bonus track on the compilation Kleptomania.

The song also appears on The Sound of Gran Turismo, a soundtrack album based on Gran Turismo.

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