Lemonade Secret Drinker (Song)

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Liner Notes:

"Yet again with Carl Hibbert on drums and loops, and another of my hidden Beatle references. Having been a massive fan of R. White's lemonade over the years, I thought I would write a song about it. People have accused me over the years of actually writing this song as a secret homage to LSD, but it's not at all. What actually happened is that Julian came home one day with a picture he'd drawn in school of one of his classmates sneaking down the stairs in stripey pyjamas to steal some lemonade out of the fridge, and that's where I got the title from. Additionally, it has one of the best Mansun backing vocal lyrics in it, "skegnent, skegnent, hello", but it slips my mind what that actually meant. Must have been off me tits on R. Whites at the time. I stole the middle eight's lyrics from the opening titles of Bagpuss; I admit it, but Emily loved me anyway."

Paul Draper, Attack of the Grey Lantern 3CD Collectors Edition