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Dominic Chad
Dominic Chad
Dominic Chad
Background information
Birth name Dominic Chad
Also known as Chad
Born (1972-06-05) June 5, 1972 (age 52) in Exeter, England[1]
Musician information
Genre(s) Rock, Alternative, Britpop
Occupation(s) Bar Manager of the Fat Cat pub/cafe in Chester, Musician in Mansun, Paramedic Driver, Support Worker
Instrument(s) Lead/Rhythm Guitar, Background and some lead Vocals, Piano, Synthesizer, Bass Guitar[2]
Years active 1995 (1995)–2004
Label(s) Sci-Fi Hi-Fi
Associated acts Floating Bear
Notable instrument(s)
*Gibson ES-335 Cherry Red Gibson Tremolo * *Gibson ES-335 Black (Crossbones) * *Gibson ES-335 Cherry Red Epiphone Tremolo * *Gibson ES-335 Cherry Red 'The Roses' * *Gibson ES-330 Brown Walnut Finish
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Born in Exeter, Devon, Chad grew up in Maidstone, Kent[3] where he attended Maidstone Grammar School.

Early Days

During his studies Dominic went on to study French and Russian at Bangor University, where he met bassist Mark Howard. They formed the band "Floating Bear" in 1991 with Lance Paine, Pete James and Iain Jenner and released a five-track cassette entitled "Barely Real".[4] The band regularly played at the university's student bar including an Amnesty benefit gig and also played at Pontardawe Festival.[5]

Musical Inspiration

The Mansun Years

After being kicked off his degree at the end of the second year,[6] Chad re-located to Chester where he worked as a barman at the Fat Cat Cafe Bar on Watergate Street and met Stove King and Paul Draper, with whom he formed Mansun.[7]
Whilst in Mansun not only did Chad play keys and guitar he also arranged and wrote songs, co-wrote several of Mansun's songs with Paul. He also performed lead vocals on some of s songs, such as "Golden Stone", a B-side to "I Can Only Disappoint U" and a live cover of "Shot by Both Sides" a single from Magazine which ended up as a B-side to Taxloss.
Dominic used to have something of a rockstar wild streak about him and knew how to party, there have been several 'fracas' during his time with the band. You can read about some of this from this article.

Life after Mansun

Post official Mansun split Dom worked with Paul and Andie in finalising songs destined for Mansun's 4th album Kleptomania, after which the remaining 3 band members parted ways.

Afterwards he kept in touch with Paul every now and again but he has moved on from Mansun and the public eye.

Since 2003, Chad has worked as a support worker, supporting people with learning difficulties, physical disabilities and brain injuries. From 2005 to 2010, he worked as an ambulance medic in the London Ambulance Service.

Chad composed and performed the music for the short film 'The Man On The Moor', directed by his friend Steven Rosam.[8] He has also written and co-written episodes for 'Wussywat The Clumsy Cat', a children's TV show screened on CBeebies from June 2015.[9].

It has also been revealed in a recent interview to XSNOIZE[10] that Chad had attempted to get Paul sacked several times, and that he wanted to transform the band in to something that resembled The Seahorses.

Solo Projects

  • Parrot


Dominic Chad Gallery


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