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Updates on Solo Project

Spooky Action

Keep up to date with the developments of Paul Drapers solo album

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Delve in to the gig archives, setlists, trivia, photos and videos

Musical Inspiration

Paul Draper

Check out the updated page with references to Paul's new interview with Louder Than War

Check out how Paul's Twitter Q and A went

AskDraper Twitter QnA

Paul recently went to Twitter UK HQ for a Twitter Q and A with Mansun fans

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We need your help in compiling the Mansun Discography

Debut Album Released

The Anchoress

Catherine's debut album released Jan 15th 2016, more info here

Welcome to MansunWiki, the ultimate resource for Mansun.
Finally the site is launched, check out the interview between XSNoize and the MansunWiki site admin Lee here.
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MansunWiki Factoids
Mansun: On this day

.. in 1997 Mansun performed at Velódromo de Anoeta in San Sebastian

Mansun fact:
Did you know: that Mavis' opinion is all we really seek
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