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Spooky Action At A Distance is the working title of Paul Draper's debut solo album project which has its roots from when Paul travelled around Nashville and the southern states of the USA after Mansun had split.

It was revealed around the Kleptomania era circa 2004 that Paul had these workings and was unsure if these songs would ever see the light of day, his album was to be recorded and released.

In 2015 the working name of the album was revised and is now just called Spooky Action.

Working Titles

In 2008 Paul listed the work in progress titles of the songs to the then untitled solo album project[1]:


Much to the disappointment of the many fans of Paul and Mansun who had waited years for this project to be released it was to be shelved. During the demo phase after Paul had returned from the USA he had become disillusioned with the music industry and after the turbulent implosion of Mansun he decided to pull the album. Around (approx) 2011 Paul removed himself from Social networking sites and took the decision to focus on his own career as a Studio Engineer and Producer. That seemed to be the final conclusion to the project.

Resurfacing of the Solo Project

There is a facebook group called 'Mansuns Only Love Song' where thousands of fans still have Mansun at the centre of their world , around Sept 2013 (i think) when Paul made a reappearance on Twitter, and a joking comment was made about 3000 people wouldn't want to witness Pauls work (sources required). Through much discussion on the Facebook group a petition was created with the sole purpose of showing Paul that they would love to hear Paul's Solo Project work. After a few thousand people 'liked' the page as a sign of their support it was evident that a genuine heard of fans would support Paul. Paul listened carefully.

Studio & Staff


The recording of the instruments for the album was completed on the 10th August 2015 where Paul posted a picture on Instagram[2] of him and the other musicians (less Catherine Anne Davies) who worked on the project on to Instagram PaulDraper1970Instagram10082015.jpg.

Studio Gear




  • Apple Logic Pro X   SpookyActionDrumTakePaulDraperIG22ndMarch2015.jpg
  • Pro Tools   PaulDraper1970Instagram26072015a.jpg

Known Songs

Since re-working Spooky Action Paul has revealed several songs and their titles:

  • Feeling My Heart Run Slow - Was Premièred at the Mansun Convention held at The Live Rooms in Chester, August 2014. A reworked version from the studio recordings was released on 27th April 2016 on the Too Pure singles club label.
  • The Stitch Up and the Hoax - Video on Paul's Instagram [link] showed the title, chords, some lyrics and audio
  • Can't Get Fairer Than That - Video on Paul's Vine feed [link] revealed the working title and a 7 sec clip of audio
  • Grey House - Several videos on Paul's Vine feed [link]; one promoting a competition appeared to show the name on some musical notes, and another video description included the name of the title.?
  • Don't U Wait - As blogged by Frank Hiis on the 9th August 2015 - a copy of his blog post is here.





4th - For those about to rock... 5th - Spooky Action recording session in progress 6th - Literally rocking the studio on Grey House 6th - Jon's gathered our notes, plectrums and his drum head n stix from sesh to give away, check mansun fb page for details

  • 2014-05-30
    • Spooky!
  • 2014-06-14
    • blank comments
  • 2014-07-04
    • For those about to rock...
  • 2014-07-05
    • Spooky Action recording session in progress
    • Mid recording of a trk
  • 2014-07-06
    • Literally rocking the studio on Grey House
    • Jon's gathered our notes, plectrums and his drum head n stix from sesh to give away, check mansun fb page for details
  • 2014-08-13
    • Mixing a Spooky Action track to play at the @mansunband convention
  • 2015-01-30
    • Spooky Action trk


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