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Mansun: On this day

we don't have any Mansun related info for this day in history! If you have any suggestions you would like to add please contact us on Twitter, Facebook or drop us a message at Mwmail.png

Image code: [[image:filename.jpg|alt text|100x100px]]


Create the page: MansunWiki:On this day/July 25 and use the following code:

<div style="float:right;margin-left:0.5em;" id="mp-otd-img">
<!-- List of anniversary based facts here -->
<option>in '''2015''' – On this day template was first used on MansunWiki</option> 
<!-- Date Nav Footer -->
{{OnThisDayFooter|Month=July|Day=25}} <--- '''update this line to indicate the month and date'''
[[Category:Missing OTD info]]  <--- '''Remove this line when you have added a Mansun date-related fact'''

Replace the Year, factiod, Month and day with values you want to use
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