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Paul Draper
Paul standing outside Abbey Road Studios
Paul standing outside Abbey Road Studios
Background information
Birth name Paul Edward Draper
Born (1970-09-26) September 26, 1970 (age 53) in Liverpool, England
Musician information
Genre(s) Rock, Alternative, Britpop, Funk
Occupation(s) Multi-talentless Musician, Rhythm/Lead Guitar, Record producer, Studio Engineer
Instrument(s) Vocals, Guitar, Piano, Synthesizer, Keyboard, Programming, Bass Guitar, Drums, Mellotron
Years active Grind 1991 (1991)–1991
Mansun 1995 (1995)–2003
Solo Career/Producer 2004 (2004)–Present
Label(s) Sci-Fi Hi-Fi
Associated acts Grind * The Anchoress * Spooky Action at a Distance
Notable instrument(s)
Rickenbacker 325, Fender Telecaster, Gibson Les Paul
Mansun Web-site
Paul Draper Official:
Paul Draper Facebook


Paul Draper grew up on Garmoyle Road in Wavertree, Liverpool before moving with his family to Connah's Quay, Deeside, which Draper described as "the absolute nothing of Great Britain", adding "It's a horrible, horrible place. In Liverpool, if you're 15 and you pick up an acoustic guitar in school and play a song, then people would listen. But in my school when I tried to take in a guitar, I was just a poof and a queer, and that was that"

Early Days

Draper attended St Richard Gwyn Catholic High School, Flint and Thames Polytechnic (now University of Greenwich) where he formed Grind in 1991 with Steve Heaton and drummer Carlton Hibbert who regularly played around London and released one 12" single titled Thoughts/A Dying Man before splitting.

The Mansun Years

On 16 May 2006, Draper announced that he had been diagnosed with cancer during fourth album sessions at Rockfield Studios. After a blister appeared on his left hand middle finger that kept bleeding, Draper visited a local doctor who took a sample of tissue from the finger. He was informed that it was a malignant tumour known as a "Bowenoid Malignancy", and responded positively to five cycles of chemotherapy. However, he was unable to play for several months after the tumour was cut out and his finger swelled up following treatment

Life after Mansun

Paul has always been interested in the Studio Engineering side of things, so after Mansun disbanded he pursued a career as a Studio Engineer/Record Producer.

To date below is a list of Artists/Bands that Paul was collaborated, produced work worked with:

Solo Projects

Paul had been working on his own solo projects either during and after Mansun, he shelved his solo project and removed himself on social networks in order to refocus and concentrate on his career as working as a Studio Engineer and Record Producer.

The Resurrection of his long awaited Solo album

In 2013 a facebook petition was created asking Paul to rethink his own solo project[1], it gained huge support in a small amount of time and this plus the letters and messages he recieved during a Menace Beach live session at the BBC, persuaded Paul to resurrect his solo works.
For the full run down on Spooky Action check out the Spooky Action at a Distance dedicated page.

Lead up to Spooky Action

January 2016

Paul announced that he was working on releasing an EP some time this year before the release of Spooky Action.
It was rumoured that a single may be released also, and on the 25th February 2016 Paul announced that his debut solo single would be released on the Too Pure singles club (no titled given), with Side B being a collaboration between him and Steven Wilson on KSCOPE Records (label-mates with Catherine Anne Davies).

April 2016

On April the 26th the title track of Paul's new single Feeling My Heart Run Slow (Song) was aired for the first time on Steve Lamacq's BBC Radio 6 show, and copies of the single arrived to subscribers of the Too Pure singlesd club on Wednesday 27th April, where it was announced by the owner of Too Pure - Paul Riddlesworth that whomever had copy number 100 would also receive a special gift - the FMHRS Vinyl Test Pressing!! (Mel Fayers was the lucky subscriber). On the same day a video appeared on the Paul Draper Official YouTube page which featured links to a new Paul Draper Store where pre-order copies of his new forthcoming EP could be purchased, and a new Soundcloud page with FMHRS featured.

To summarise the new links:

Paul Draper Solo Project Gallery

Musical Inspiration

Paul stated in an interview with Louder Than War that his favourite top album of all time is Revolver by The Beatles.


This is my Number 1 album of all time and again; it’s a coming together of stuff. For a start, it’s got 14 really short sharp tracks on it. It’s got a brilliant opening track in “Taxman” and a brilliant closing track in “Tomorrow Never Knows” – so a fantastic top and tail to the album and it’s just so varied

—Paul Draper Louder Than War[3]

More recently Paul has been listening to:


Paul Draper Gallery


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