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Rhys, Ritzy and Matt of The Joy Formidable

Band Members

Past Band Members

  • Justin Stahley - Drums & Percussion

Association with Mansun

Influenced by the band, which led them to ask Paul Draper if he would be interested in working with them.

Collaboration with Paul Draper

Greyhounds in the Slips Promo CD

Paul has worked with The Joy Formidable on previous works, but Paul heard through a mysterious grapevine that the band wanted Paul Draper to sing on Greyhounds in the Slips.

According to an interview between Ritzy and an online magazine called Dots & Dashes[1] Ritzy was amongst friends and was talking about great vocalists where Ritzy exclaimed I fucking love Paul Draper's voice. One thing led to another and Paul was on board to help out.

Performing at the KoKo with Paul

Ritzy Bryan told the NME[2].


He generously agreed and the first seeds of a happy friendship were sewn. He'll be joining us for the first time live at London's KOKO on October 14 and he will not disappoint you. He's an amazing talent and we're delighted to see him on the stage once again.

—Ritzy Bryan NME

Ritzy also stated in an NME interview that (Paul) Draper is an "amazing talent".

Paul sang vocals and played guitar in a live performance of the song with TJF live at the KOKO closing the Emerge NME Radar Tour in London on the 14th October 2010[3].

Video Gallery

Live Performance with Paul Draper
Paul performing Greyhounds in the Slips with TJF at the London KOKO
Another audience recording
Another audience recording

Official Video


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