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Floating Bear is a band in which Dominic Chad used to be a member before Mansun.


Formed in late 1990 when Dominic attended Bangor University where he met Mark Howard in the Autumn of that year. Mark was a Bass Guitarist who formed a trio with Lance, Dominic was asked to sing but they then found Pete James who was the consummate frontman. The band were looking to strive for a 60's blues rock style so then brought in Huw Lewis on harmonica. When Mark first met Dominic, Dom sang and played on guitar 'Need Your Love So Bad' by Fleetwood Mac.

Band Members

  • Dominic Chad - Guitar (Fender Stratocaster)
  • Mark Howard - Bass
  • Lance Paine - Drums
  • Pete James - Vocals
  • Huw Lewis - Harmonica
  • Iain Jenner - Hammond Organ


  • Jimi Hendrix
  • The Doors

Performances and Recording

The band only recorded 3 studio sessions, and released a 5-Track EP/Album titled "Barely Real". The cassette cover featured a Whinnie the pooh bear floating holding on to a balloon. Dom could not only play guitar and piano but he had a good voice but never recorded vocals for any songs.

Known Tracks

Floating Bear 5 Track Cassette


  • Astral Plane
    • Writen by Mark and Dominic, the first song they wrote together,
Lquote.png It was the first song Dom & I wrote together, & we'd come up with the guitar & bass parts while apart at Xmas 91, hence the name Astral Plane!! We were listening to The Doors' LA Woman a lot at the time, as well as always Hendrix.
I think we just wanted to be at Woodstock in 69 at that point, modern influences came a bit later
—Mark Howard

  • Lifeblood
  • She's My Friend
  • I Want the Sky
  • She's so Cold?

Band Trivia

Huw was sacked from the band after him and Mark had a coming together over Huw kicking Marks front door in. Around 1993/1994 Dominic was becoming more interested in the Manchester scene and bands like Blur.

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