Gig:Glastonbury Festival, Pilton, 29th June 1997

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Glastonbury 1997 Poster

Mansun were the penultimate act on the Other Stage

Set List

  1. Stripper Vicar

After this, the set was interrupted by flooding and Mansun were unable to continue.

In an interview Dominic Chad stated

"We weren't shocked in as much when you turn up to a festival like that and it's basically how ever many miles from anywhere and they're trying to sort of run power out into the middle of a farm to power up a band and a huge light show, sometimes something is gonna go wrong. Plus there was two feet of mud across the whole site, and for the whole weekend people were throwing handfuls of mud at the bands on stage. Certain bands that they didn't like, particularly, and especially the ones who asked them not to throw mud on stage. Well you would, wouldn't you.

So I think that by the time we got on the generator that we were running off of was caked in dirt. Because we were the second to last band on, they didn't have time to get us off, change the generator and let us start again because we would have set the last band back how ever long. So we just had to say,"right. Let's go home." The Bluetones were on after us and everything was ok for them cause, you know, they changed the generator.

But, to a certain extent, if you are the unlucky one at a festival, it's just gonna happen to you. Very rarely have things run perfectly smoothly for everyone involved. On the same stage that we were playing, fifteen bands got turned away on Friday, two days before, because the place was completely waterlogged and it was far too dangerous for them to get on stage and to start powering up amps and things. So a whole day of the festival was cancelled on that one stage. So we weren't the only people that didn't get to play. It wasn't particularly a shock, but it was obviously a disappointment, because it would have been the first time we'd have done Glastonbury and it would have been great. It's still the biggest festival in the UK."