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We aim to have all the Mansun gigs listed, including those dates which were cancelled. At the main Gigs page you can select a year and click on a page for a particular gig, we would like all Mansun fans to be able to contribute by adding their memories and recant stories or unusual things that happened with those shows, gig photos, ticket stub scans are welcomed!

There is a gig navigator which allows site users to easily move around to gigs they are interested in.

When creating new gig pages please add them to the Namespace "Gig".
For instance, the first known Mansun gig is listed on the page "Gig:The Lomax, Liverpool, 17th August 1995" located here -> Gig:The Lomax, Liverpool, 17th August 1995.

More information will be added to this help section in due course.