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Hello !!

instead of writing a massive post on facebook i though i'd take you all here.. where reading and understanding the pages makes more sense, after all this is on the wiki!

Please read this and also my talk page for handy hints and more examples of pages which you can use to work on other pages.


Wikifying Text and Creating links to new pages

When creating pages with textual content you can edit the text to that it links to pages containing the same text, or to pages which exist in a namespace.

For Example

The wiki text [[Paul Draper]] will link to a page called 'Paul Draper'

The wiki text [[Paul Draper|Paul Edward Draper]] will link to a page called 'Paul Draper' but be displayed as Paul Edward Draper.

There are some custom namespaces used for particular Mansun items, such as:

  • Discography (used for Mansun Discography items)
  • Interviews (used for any Interviews)
  • Gig (used for any gigs)
  • Articles (used for any articles)
  • Archives (used for archived sites - do not use yet)

In future updates we will be adding custom namespaces for:

  • Songs
  • Gear
  • Tablature
  • Fanzine/Fansites

for example, to link to a particular gig with custom text:

If you wanted to have the display text as something more meaningful in a page you could use:

The wiki text: ... and Mansun performed at [[Gig:Moles, Bath, 28th September 1995|this]] gig, which will be displayed as:
... and Mansun performed at this gig.

Creating new pages

If you create a link in a page to a destination pages that does not exist then when you cave the page the link will appear as a red link. When you then click on that red link you will then create that page.

The same applies to when searching for a page. If you use the search feature and type in the name of the page you would like to create then you have the option to create that page in the results listing.


For those in the know about wiki's there are things called 'Talk' pages. this is where people in wiki-land discuss the content they are viewing/editing and

that applies to users as well. I have just for my own sanity jotted down some handy examples of what pages to use for templates..

Check out my 'Talk' page and see the Examples section (talk)

Also see the Help section - in particular the Guidance section (MansunWiki:Guidelines) Provides some useful examples or how to edit existing pages and how to create new pages. The Guidance section needs updating but that can come

in time and will just evolve

All pages and media will have Categories assigned to them. Categories allow for people to search or click on a category and then view all associated

media, pages and content tagged to that category - take for instance the Category "Spooky Action" or "Instagram" or "Interviews" .. a handy thing to


Page Styling and Media

With the wiki ive been seeking to create a home for all the multiple Mansun stuff which resides in the old world of websites which are accessible by

sites like the way back archive, and those from sites that exist today, and to include social media info. I think we are in a good place to do just that.

There are some templates which are functional and useful - like the Add This sharing widget, twitter panels, soundcloud and vine plugins.. there really

is no limit what can be done with the wiki, except time.. ive put in place the nuts and bolts which should give visitors and contributors a good experience of the web site.

Pages which need Work

Here are the key pages which need work in a prioritised order:


There are a load of song pages, one created for each song and i'm pretty sure there are more to add. The existing ones are part way moved to a new format which has a template called a 'songbox', this illustrates the various info of the songs, like writer,

mixer, producer, where the songs feature etc etc. When the 'songbox' panel is added and the basic info entered in it when the page is saved there will

be some categories automatically added to the page. Categories are good! they appear at the bottom of pages.

Underneath is an album song navigator - to allow people to easily click the next or previous song in an album

There is also lyrics.. Id like to have as many variations of the lyrics as possible, like demo, live and album versions. i know bands change lyrics over

Good examples of song pages:

Good Examples of pages with Videos, good use of the quotes template and image layouts

(i didn't use the template to display the table of contents on the right as i thought having a band profile on the right made the page good. (This is a good example of how to layout multiple videos in a table - neat and tidy styling)


The basics of the gear page is there and this will get filled in by other contributors who know a thing or two about their gear, but please do add to it. Ive created a guitar panel box and a few graphics, not too much else atm, the kind folks at Mansungear will be looking to help out where and when they can. Dennis if you can chip in some info here that would be great - i know you did some awesome work with Paul and in


As mentioned previously, gigs, there is a page per gig so theres massive scope to add content here, like ticket stubs, set-lists, notable information from

the performance, photos, memorabilia, videos. The 1995 Section has the basics in place, the gig pages from 1996 onwards need to have the Gig box and Gig navigator templates added and the linked pages to be entered.. quite laborious, im working on that and also on the Mansun On This Day pages.

Would be good if we could ask people to email scans of their gig photos, set-lists, ticket stubs, and to send photos of the gigs, stages.. i hope in time when the site is live people will contribute directly.. its real easy to upload images and add them to pages.

Gig pages with videos

Interviews /

Hopefully most people have seen the interviews page and the way its broken down, there is a master interview list which links to interviews, those interview pages have an Interview box which shows where the info came from etc. I'm looking to try emulating the original source content where possible, by having the same text and the images/scans, with each article/interview etc categorised for indexing.

Interviews - here im looking to replicate the same layout as that of the original interviews

Interviews which are linked to the main Mansun Interviews section and are separate

(has a youtube video on the page - see how the youtube video is rendered using the #yt widget + the youtube video id)


Click to see the categorised articles index.


not much done here - there's a fair few videos of their songs out there so we would like to add all the videos going as far back as possible, some get taken down which is a pain.


More or less there, room for scope to add different peoples interpretations of guitar and drum tabs, and lyrics also.

Fashion Section

The Style of Mansun - nothing there at the moment, great idea but can be put on the back burner for a bit

Fans and Fanzines

This has massive scope for visitors and for people to join up and have their say and add images and text to the site, check out the following pages for more info

There are tons more fanzines out there..